About Us

Since 1997

Company Overview

Express Worldwide Ltd. started the journey with well equipped and full-fledged freight, logistics related services & wide range facilities, since 1997. Express Worldwide Ltd. is gained recognition from reputed global business associates as a reliable and professional logistics partner.

Our company is fully capable and committed to provide utmost quality service to our associates.has strong and experienced teams are able to provide wide coverage and comprehensive infrastructure. We are confident of being your logistics partner in tailoring our excellent services to your organization needs based on our experienced and expertise we have.

Express Worldwide Ltd. having supply chain management system and supported by our very precise and accurate operations skills, whom are equipped with the most advanced computer networks and communication systems keeping track of all shipments till its final place of delivery.

Express Worldwide Ltd. proudly having dedicated Sales & Marketing personnel whom are playing main key role in this sector, successfully gaining most distinguished names in global market.

Express Worldwide Ltd. owns customs broker licensed, and also member of BAFFA Bangladesh Freight Forwarders Association”.

Express Worldwide Ltd. offers complete chain of logistic services to its client as requires reliable and trustworthy overseas partners on whom we can impart.

Express Worldwide Ltd. chooses carefully its overseas agents and correspondences to guarantee the best quality service & the most competitive rates for Air & Sea, thus maintaining more multinational names among its corporate client list.

Express Worldwide Ltd. assets are our people and our mission is to set the standard for excellence in global logistics through total commitment to quality in people and customer service, with superior financial results.